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Contextual Learning with In-Story Questions & Analytics

Smart Storyz is the first platform of its kind to offer context-based in-story questions. No need to take a reader outside of the story to assess knowledge gained.

Easily obtain analytics on performance and knowledge acquisition. 

What’s more – the responses may have an impact to the story itself – there’s no limit on the dramatic consequences of a right or wrong answer!

Choose Your Own Path … & Make a Story Your Own


Maximize Fun by Choosing Your Own Path Through a Story

No longer should you settle for clunky form based workarounds. Experience a true choose-your-own-path narrative experience where your choices lead to consequences in the story.

No other storytelling or chat-fiction platform makes it as easy to produce and enjoy choose-your-own-path content. And you’ll be getting smarter to boot!


Personalize a Story to Make It Yours

Smart Storyz offers the first storytelling platform that lets you personalize attributes such as the main character’s name or gender and more. 

Studies show that personalizing a narrative can help increase self-accountability, engagement and learning outcomes for both young learners and adults.

Each story varies in personalization abilities, but ultimately the possibilities are endless and the choice is yours!

Embrace A Journey of Lifelong Learning


Evergrowing, Highly Curated Catalog

Stories from creators in a number of fields, genres and topics 

Our catalog contains a curated set Smart Storyz Originals and exclusive content from 3rd party creators that are passionate about telling stories that are informative on any of a range of topics.

Topics in our full catalog cover areas as diverse as STEM, vocabulary, history, medicine and business & entrepreneurship.

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  • Ability to participate in challenge stories (Smart Storyz Challenges or from another user)
  • Analytics on your own stories as learner/reader

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  • All FREE Features PLUS:
  • Access to FULL Premium Catalog
  • Ability to assign challenges to other users
  • Analytics on stories for other learners (assigned challenges)
  • Great for motivated self-learners
  • For parents or private practice: sync up to 5 individual learners for challenges and analytics tracking

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  • All PREMIUM Features PLUS:
  • 5 custom stories per month
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  • Great for teachers or schools 

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